The great lockdown… That is what economists around the world call our present times.

The world is fighting a virus that is threatening the existence of mankind. Unprecedented actions by governments are being tried around the world. Medical Advice carries more weightage over anything else in these times. Economists have been asked to sidestep for a while and wait for their turn.

In fact, these times, albeit a very small period in the history of the world will retain a deep scar on our timeline. Life after COVID-19 Is going to be different in a lot many ways than we think. Many new products will become part of our lifestyle, in fact, it’s already becoming part of our life, without an invitation. For instance, sanitizers, till now largely used by medical practitioners are becoming an integral part of our vanity bags. Around the world tissue and toilet paper manufacturers are trying to cope up with demand. In fact, hygiene is becoming an integral part of our daily discourse. Not just on a personal level, but also at the community level, in turn at the level of a nation, and as a global community. Nations of no more willing to accept an in hygienic practice or even an area like a wet market elsewhere in the world irrespective of the nation’s economic status.

This experience is changing our lives, the products we use, the designs we adopt not as a matter of privilege but more as a matter of healthy existence.

Our houses might have a bathroom right at the entrances to let you pass through to the living room, our products will be increasingly built to withstand aggressive regular cleaning at a micro bacterial level. Hygiene can no longer be an issue that could be sidestepped for the sake of saving some money on your budget.

That would be the biggest Takeaway in our lifestyle….Watch out a new world with a new set of demands is approaching us…rather it’s already here.