Strength and beauty of Stainless Steel in Kitchen

This kitchen can even be cleaned by hot water!!!!

These kitchens made out of Stainless and Steel has the pedigree of having won overhead high floods. They come in 304 grade stainless Steel and  GI coated verities.

This kitchen, in particular, is laid out and designed with a combination of stainless steel and GI white cabinet combinations. The kitchen overall reflects the white color and a sense of being close to nature. Since by the very nature they are not sensitive to water they can be easily cleaned. The kitchens come with a 15-years warranty. The kitchen can be cleaned using hot water and even steam cleaners.

This kitchen is designed with ample storage and they are also provided to the color to match with the sealing to sync with the overall color scheme of the house. The L shaped corner provided has really helped use the entire corner beyond the cabinet doors. The kitchen cost the client Rs. 104800.00 INR.

Design highlights

1. Polymer Vicker Basket helps storage of fruits a vegetables

2. Below the Stove, Cutlery and plate unite for convenience

3. Mixer, Grinder and other utilities are accommodated with the shutter unit.

4. Those quick access utilities provided without door open units.

5. The lift-up cabinet for plate storage provided above the sinks facilitates the plate to drain. The lid of the unit has a stop anywhere function.

6. Groceries stored in under counter drawer units are even capable of accommodating large containers with lid.

Design by:  by Bethliving, Kochi

Vanitha Veedu, March 2020

Crtsy: Rosey Sampreeth, Kochi