Steel Kitchen – Standing tall after Weathering the Epic Kerala Floods

Steel kitchen cabinet

In Kerala floods, of 2018, many households have lost most of what they had. Home furniture and traditional home décor were decimated without exceptions. The only saving grace came to families which relied on Steel and Stainless-Steel Kitchens.

We see many historic structures and steel bridges had weathered nature for decades. Lessons from the recent floods are no different. Destruction was almost complete, but steel home kitchens helped those families to spring back to life with just a water wash. It doesn’t stop there; steel kitchen brings to us some compelling advantages which essentials of modern living are.

It’s healthy and eco-friendly

There is no chemical in steel furniture which is harmful to us.  Needless to say, there are no use chemicals like formaldehyde which one can find in the plywood’s used in traditional furniture.

No Pest Control

Wooden kitchen calls for regular pest control, using harmful chemicals. The pest-free steel kitchens just don’t need it. In the event of a visit by them just take out the part wash and put them back. Many NRIs who stays for few days in their house in Kerala, can opt for steel furniture as they are sure of finding the furniture intact during their visit home unlike in wood furniture where you leave it your luck.

Besides, if you opt for steel furniture, you need not to deal with the guilt of cutting trees and the products are 100%   recyclable. This means that your home’s impact on mother earth is lesser to that extent lower.

Easy to clean

Steel and Stainless Steel are easy to clean. We can clean it with hot water. As we are not using any chemical in our furniture one can easily use them for food storage without any worry.

It is rust free, fireproof, and it won’t lose its shine. While thinking about buying steel furniture people have a perception that it will make a lot of noise, however over the last decade or so technology has changed and improvised to make our furniture noise free and It comes with a lifetime warranty.

As it comes as a module, it is easy to install, and it takes only a few hours to install. Tall unit crockery unity, pullout unit, wall mount unit, floor mount unit similar kind of various varieties of cabinet one can get and make them part of his interior. They are cost effective too with basic featured 8 ft kitchens starting at around 70000.

Available in Antique Copper, wooden texture and different finishing in 30 colors. With digital printing, the customer can get their favorite Image of their choice printed on their furniture.

Today’s homemaker should keep Steel kitchens in the list of options as coming days we are going to see more of them and make them part of our life increasingly.


Courtesy: Veedu Magazine (translated for representation in the Blog)