Steel And Stainless Steel Modular Furniture Is Becoming The Preferred Choice For Homes In India

Beth Living is a leading Steel and Stainless steel Modular furniture manufacturer in India, All Beth products are made from steel or stainless steel which give them lifelong durability. Salient features of Steel and Stainless steel modular furniture’s are that they are hygienic, easy to wash, waterproof, stain resistant, fire resistant, pest free and noise free. Besides, steel and stainless steel are environment-friendly and come in various configurations and colors. Steel and Stainless steel made furniture do not lose their sheen for years and are maintenance free.


Modular furniture made of wood are a fire hazard in case of kitchen fires, while those made from steel and stainless steel are fireproof. Another drawback of wood is termite and pest damage, while steel and stainless steel are both termite and pest proof.

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