Sink Cabinets and Vanity units from Bethliving,India

The solution for dirty, unkept and rundown sink areas in your homes, lies in the selection of the Sink cabinet itself and the way they are constructed.  We have the perfect answer for it on our floor mounted and wall mounted vanity units.


They come with great features and will bring home great value to you.

  1. Made out of Steel and Stainless Steel
  2. Highly durable
  3. Fitted with SS 304 hinges
  4. Available in both Steel and Stainless Steel 304 base material
  5. Steel units powder coated in colors of Choice
  6. Fully built units easy to install
  7. Wall mountable and Floor-mountable options


It comes in different configurations. In fact, it’s available in diffract configurations like single door double door and wall mounted vanities fitted with mirror etc and also in different size which will certainly fit your need.  Needless to say, they come back with the Beth Living assurances.