Not taking care of Environment is not an option

This blog is written by Mr. Prakash BDM Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, he could be reached on

In India for home décor products, wood is the traditional choice – Generally, it’s believed that wood is the only material available. This lack of awareness makes the present generation stick to wood or wood derivatives not realizing the consequences of such underinformed choices. For starters, today one has many options. Lest gather a  bird’s-eye view of why steel or stainless Steel home décor is the only option we should look at.

India being a tropical country, there is no escape from the pest. The only solution one can think of is to use a pest-free material. This solution can’t ever be offered by traditional options. A wrong choice here would mean that it opens the never-ending events of dealing with various health hazard related to dealing with the various chemical options we take to deal with the issue of the pest in traditional products.

Deforestation and the associated global warming is a challenge which modern times posses to the world. The right directions are those which  set us in the usage of materials and solutions which does not deplete our environment in any manner

This is where  Galvanised steel and Stainless-steel modular kitchens and home decors interiors become the protagonist of the story of modern time. Besides the unique ability of stainless steel to resist corrosion, heat damage, high strength duplex grades provide added strength, it allows us to a reduced thickness in the material providing a cost advantage over conventional grades of stainless steel. The choice of materials will even allow customing your budget to your needs to leave alone the interiors. Let’s explore and enjoy the options in front of us which strengthen and deliver lesser harm to mother earth.