Kitchens in our country seldom gets renovated. Despite being in despicable conditions most peoples live with there existing kitchens because it disturbs the rather of the family at least for a period of 45 days. During this period, one will have to share the kitchen space with strangers who come to do the carpentry app art from all the dust and hygiene issue it throws up. Not anymore. The unique fully built module concept of Bethliving will ensure you and your family is not disturbed for more than 3 days. That throws up an opportunity to upgrade your kitchen and living.

A kitchen remodel can significantly increase the value of your home and simplify your life with upgrades to modern functionalities.  It requires special attention. There are many small details that many people ignored but are very important while planning to renovate their Kitchen.

Now that renovation of kitchen décor is a real possibility, lets touch up on what are the real areas which seek your attention.


Before going to have a new Kitchen install. It is always very important to evaluate its life and what cost you are paying for it. You may find the kitchen with low price, but it may not last for more then 4-5 years. This case is very common with wooden kitchen cabinets. It looks good while new but starts getting damaged after time passes.

Size of your Kitchen

While designing a kitchen, it’s important to keep your personal preferences and Size of your kitchen in mind. These days there are plenty of designs available for all the sizes of the Kitchen open kitchen, large kitchen or small kitchen. These designs can make your kitchen looks even more spacious. The clever placement of kitchen units can make space in a small kitchen. Bethliving modules being 600 mm modules will give you 20% larger storage volumes than any other for a given kitchen design.

Upgrade with Built-in appliances

The kitchen is all about cleanliness and with New-Age built-in appliances, they not only make your work easy but also aid in creating a more organized and maximized working space. Built-in appliances are space friendly and seamlessly integrated. They provide the perfect contemporary finish to your kitchen.

Color combination

Modular kitchen design is incomplete without proper color effects. They create the most impressive visual impact and gives meaning to your kitchen design. Make your home maker’s cooking experience much smoother, fast, organized and well settled.

Materials for countertop:

The use of solid-surface counters employing the granite designs is an inexpensive way to remodel your kitchen. It represents the class and dignity of your kitchen. Install quality material for quality outcome and durability for years.

So, make that move, walk into your nearest stores and simplify your life.