Gaalley – The value proposition

The blog is authored by Mr. Ajeesh Pathikkal Poulose, Business Development Manager at BethLiving for the regions of Karnataka and NCR he could be reached  at

Most of us desist from getting a modular kitchen in our home because of the entry barrier it poses. It has always been an impossible task to find a modular kitchen below  1.5 lakhs. This entry price barrier offered a stiff resistance to many homemakers and stopped them from trying or attempting a modular kitchen. The result – they get into carpentry job which is largely a civil work covered by ply or wood at phenomenally hi cost for what they pay. Though as a purchase it comes less than a lakh of the rupee, unfortunately, such buyers find in the next few weeks or months that they have been robbed of the value as they have hardly got anything for what they have been promised or paid. This is apart from the poor workmanship or quality of fitments that could creep on to the products as the executions is completely on the site condition and how good the carpenter is.

The good news is it’s all changing, and to change that Gaalley is here from Bethliving. It’s a completely steel kitchen with all the features of a modern kitchen. Truly modular, fully fitted module, soft closing features and quick installation. The single layers steel product is fire safe, pest safe, water safe, operations are noise free and eco-friendly yet comes at a great price A 8 feet straight line kitchen is available to the consumer at a jaw-dropping price of INR 56272.  These price points are unheard of in modular kitchens.

Why low cost?

Our efficient engineering team researched and designed in a new concept to full fill the dreams of people who aspire to change their house with new trending interior within there budget. All this is done in the legendary quality and process that we are known for.

Gaalley comes with a standard 3-years warranty with an option to add 10 years of warranty. Gaalley is available in all the 30 colors.

Gaalley range wardrobe will be another beautiful addition to one’s house yet at a budget he draws.

The national housing mission dreams of a house for everyone, we add wings to that dream that each of that houses should have a modern modular kitchen.