Why steel and Stainless Steel home decor ...... Why Bethliving?

Tradition tells us home decor is done in wood. As we progressed over the last few decades home decor turned out to be created out of wood derivatives. Plywood, MDF, HDF, Multi-wood, particle boards, the list of wood derivatives goes on. Many of them do not have anything to do with wood apart from its name. Produced out of process banned in most of the developed countries, and prevalent only in a country like ours these products are literally a cocktail of harmful chemicals and resins. There are adequate studies available on the harmful effects of contents like formaldehyde, which is amply available in most of the wood derivatives. So much so some of the products are even unsafe to touch. Most of us know the above facts, yet continue to use them for the simple reason for the lack of a known alternative.

It is where the relevance of a more modern alternative and its existence has to be bought forth. Steel and Stainless Steel are not new materials to mankind. Steel and Stainless Steel has been instrumental to man’s progress through the Industrial era. We have seen steel being part of every walks of our life. They are touching our life’s in every possible way from the small needle to our cookware our cutleries to giant industrial structures, bridges to high tech space missions. Despite all the progress, it took a long time before we found our alternative solutions in steel and stainless steel for our home decor. And this can be attributed to a single reason namely lack of an available technology that could craft our home decor to the precision and aesthetics we desire. However, over the last two decades, technology has changed drastically.

That brings us to the modern alternative in home decor. The modern alternative home decor products as indicated is a new concept of home decor all manufactured out of either steel, stainless steel or combinations of the two. But essentially the products come with nine important traits as below.

Fire resistance

The basic material of construction for all believing products is steel and stainless steel which by very nature is fire-resistant if not fireproof. In recent years, Fire safety is attaining an increasing significance in our day to day life. This can be attributed to fire incidents over the last few years and some of it even has its trigger fire in kitchens and modular kitchens. Steel and Stainless steel will be a natural choice to protect our homes and families from fire-related risks.

Pest Safety

A tropical country like ours propagates pest life into our traditional home decor. They literally feed on our home decor products made of wood or wood derivatives and destroy them in a matter of time. To keep this under check most undertake an annual exercise of pest control which is nothing but the application of a very heavy dose of pesticides. This puts our families at a very high risk of exposure to pesticides.

With home decor from Bethliving, we could literally treat the annual pest control as a thing of the past as you will no more need to do that. Our country has thousands of NRI owned houses that are attended only for a few days once a year or two. These products would leave them intact year after year with the least attention.

Water Resistance

If we ever wonder, how a steel bridge stays like that over the river Hooghly over decades at Howrah over a decade in rain and shine, the answer lies in the material used and the engineering involved in the execution.

Home decor made out of steel and stainless steel are products of the same genus. When the water receded after the recent Kerala floods, our customers just needed rinsing and cleaning to get back to normal, just goes to show how a simple trait like this will make us and our family prepared for any eventualities in life.


Hygiene levels of traditional products are challenges in multiple areas like cleanability, touch safety and chemical emission. By putting such products into our homes we are in a sense putting ourselves and our families right into the Center of such challenges.

Products from Bethliving in steel and stainless steel are touch-safe with zero chemical emission, cleanable by direct washing in most cases. Besides these home decor products does not need annual pest control, which makes them even more hygienic.

Stainless Steel is the most modern material apt for kitchens known to mankind. Its corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, ever shining appearance, and strong physical properties make it the best material for modern kitchens. It has remained accessible only to the privileged few and celebrated chefs. Investments in a stainless Steel kitchen is assured to deliver a hygienic environment with an assured long life. To clean just wash your kitchen with water, hot water or even steam. Unheard of in a traditional wood kitchen, the hygiene standards of your kitchen is no more the same again.

In fact, steel and stainless steel home decor products can take our homes to a hygiene level of unprecedented levels and could provide people with an all-new experience of hygiene centric life.

Even in low lying and flood-prone areas, all it calls for is a thorough wash with fresh water and your kitchen will spring back to action.

Environment friendliness

Time has come to give back nature its due and pay more attention to it. Steel and stainless steel products do not cut any trees to make your home decor. Besides these products would be 100 percent recyclable when you choose to replace them. Manufactured out of a process that is eco-friendly and causes the least disturbance to the environment, there cannot be a better way to take care of Mother Earth. Let’s remind you not cutting a tree is far better the planting 100s of them.

Noise Free

From our experiences of the past, the general perception is that steel products are noisy in operation. These perceptions are not completely misplaced given our experience from products available erstwhile in the market.

Times have changed, technology has changed, Bethliving uses some of the best technologies available making them absolutely noise-free in operations. Soft closing is a standard option, one need not separately ask for. All our products are equipped with dozens of innovations to give you a noise-free operation. Our engineers and designers work hard to make sure your wardrobe does not make a disturbing level of noise in your bedroom.

Maintenance free

Ever wondered, why a pre-independence era bridge in our vicinity still survive all the years of rain and shine. The answer lies in the material and the precise nature of Engineering.

Bethliving products are crafted out of the finest raw materials sourced with shear passion from similar passion sharingvendors who share our passion for quality. We have designed and packed them with technology that was never used in our industry before.

They are designed and manufactured with such care and a series of quality assurance audits so that you get the products in immaculate shape as you always wanted.

As a token of our confidence in our, some of our products come with a lifetime warranty albeit you may never use that.

Ease of installation

Managing carpentry skills poses the most important challenge in any home decor project at home. No matter how big or small these projects are,

Beth kitchen and its standardisation have ensured high-quality components, which include heavy-duty fitments and hinges ensuring long life and durability. This completely avoids the need for fancy fitments in the kitchen.

The concept of setting up a Bethliving home decor is very simple. On offers is a wide range of floor units which will include drawers, door units corner units, tall units, pullout units or a similar variety of options for all rooms. The range also includes wall-mounted units of different specifications. Choice of the right combination of these units and assembling them at the site before laying the kitchen top of your choice will form your kitchen or your home decor in any room.

The products are manufactured out of an extremely unique concept of fully fitted modules. Manufactured on a production line, they are put to strict quality controls and tested for all the functionalities they are meant for. This reduces the installation process to a just placement of modules one next to the other with hardly any skills at the site while ensuring all the functionalities they are meant to deliver.

This high-quality pre-engineered module concept ensures we are free from months-long installation processes and reduces them to a matter of a few hours.

Options of Multiple colours

Who doesn’t like a bit of colour in their home interiors. You will have a variety of colours to choose from, 30 to be precise. You will have a variety of textures ranging from antique finishes to wood to choose from besides.

But it just doesn’t stop there, you want to create an extremely unique signature of your own in your interior, rely on modern engineering to transfer anything you could imagine and digitise on to your home decor product using a very unique technology of transfer printing.

Today, these engineering marvels are available to every room of your house starting from the kitchen, wardrobes, living and other interior applications in your home. Our world-class products are backed by an award-winning manufacturing process. We are making it accessible and affordable through very innovative and design right winning products. This standardisation would ensure that the products are manufactured in a factory with the best quality-assuring process. This is a far cry from conventional methods of customising and site suiting to site conditions. This will also ensure definitive execution time.

The time for a better choice is NOW. Explore and touch the future.