The basic element of our home décor is called a module. A module is a standalone independent set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure, of home décor.

This would mean that all assembly and fitments are done on the factory production line and precisely manufactured for quality and functional parameters.

Once the modules are received at the site, it would require only about three to four hours if the site is prepared enough. Beth living modules are designed and manufactured out of its legendary fully fitted module concept. The modules come fully assembled with all its accessories and components in our factory production line, checked for all its quality and functional parameters. This would eliminate all the skill needs at your home and the installation person will have to just place modules next to each other to form your home décor. Our process and products eliminate the need for high skill and time.

To start with we have 7000 of them. To make the choices more wide and unique we have 30 standard colours and textures. Our dealers are well equipped to pick and choose your modules and colour to help you pick your unique combination and customize your home decor.

We have modules starting from 150 mm to 2400 mm and at an interval of every 50 mm. The chances of you not finding the right combination to fit into your exact space is very remote. But just in case it doesn’t, then we have the spacer modules which will be customized to form the dimensions you need.

Beth installation doesn’t need any civil work. What we need is a clean room with no steps or undulations. Our dealers can advise you on this.


Any time from the time you conceive your home in your mind is the right time. You could dig in deep into our experience of having done thousands of kitchens and use to all times.


Our products don’t rust with normal usage. GI steel products have 2 layers of corrosion resistance, the first layer is zinc plating or galvanizing and the second layer is epoxy coating both of which acts to prevent corrosion. For superior rust protection, we also provide SS Kitchens in 202 and 304 grades. The products can rust only when exposed to strong acids like floor bleaching acids or Harpic etc.

Steel we provide is Galvanized steel with an epoxy coating for rust prevention. SS is an alloy that has rust preventing elements like ni and cr that is added in different proportions to prevent rust of Steel. SS 304 is more corrosion resistant in comparison to SS 202. SS 202 is about 40-50 % more than GI, SS 304 is about 80% more than GI.


Steel is more durable, and we give 15 years of warranty products in comparison to wood players in the market. We provide the Best of accessories of Hettich and Hafele make which come with the company warranty. Service Life is longer compared to wood and hence value for money. Cost wise we are also comparable or competitive to many well-known wooden brands in the industry.

Our products are designed to minimize noise. All shutters come with default soft closures and all doors come with double-wall construction with honey combed structure of Sheet metal sandwiched inside to dampen sound.