Bethliving stores – experience the technology-driven ecosystem.

Conventional wisdom suggests if you want to do your home interiors need to consult an expert, share your thoughts, share your budget and then leave it to the “ professional” to give shape to your interior. The process inherently assumes that the consumer does not know what exactly she needs and she needs to be introduced to new concepts, ideas, and products. Hence the process undermines the ability of the consumer to think and take her own decisions.

To a large extent, the above assumption was right until recently. Given the lack of information available to the consumer and shared ideas in similar used cases. But the modern homemaker is an altogether new species, well informed, willing to spread the wings of imagination yet knows how to stay grounded to her reality of budget with absolute clarity on how much she should loosen her purse strings. stores are where a homemaker can live her mission in a completely technology assisted ecosystem.

3D Planner

The state of the art 3d planner. One walk into any  store, with your home floor plan, our team will at the store be able to assist to you in creating your home interior yourself by just dragging and dropping the modules with the functionalities you need and create the interiors of your dreams. You could even change the color and paint interior you need all this in a matter of a few minutes.  Today we have many followers but we have been a pioneer in this and introduced some of the best technology to make this possible for our consumers. But it does not stop there, once you design your home finalize on what you want or even while making up your mind, the cost of it is just a click away without any third party manipulation or interference.

Once you walk into our store you would see our system starts interacting with you via SMS and Email. The system can send you reminders based on your input, facilitate your visit to showrooms, your purchase, keep you posted on the progress of manufacturing, and even your warranty and post sales warranty services as well. This would mean that the experience will be smooth with no unnecessary follow-up. The BETH CRM is a very advanced and non-interfering system to take you through the process seamlessly.


Beth Manufacturing runs on SAP the ERP renowned for manufacturing worldwide. Some of the best companies in the world run on this backbone and so does Our front end 3d planning system is almost seamlessly integrated with our manufacturing to ensure we get you to pulse and we manufacture exactly the same product you want with an error rate of less that one in a million.

Post-installation in the rare eventuality of any service, you are integrated to the same ecosystem via the customer care link on our website to ensure that you don’t call us for a second time to ensure timely service support.

When you decide to buy a  product you are literally plugged into a technology ecosystem which removes all possible human errors and ensures your buying and life experience is like never before.