There can be more, but that is entirely on us.

Our world has changed upside down in a matter of a few months since December 2019 to be precise. Humans are attacked by an invisible virus and suddenly as a race, we look so defenseless, so vulnerable and we are looking for a defensive shield with desperation as we have a lot hinging on that solution. In fact, everything we know as our lifestyle pivot around our socialization, interaction and how we interacted with one another. On the other hand, the virus continues to have its free run making people shut themselves behind closed doors.  Touching a global infection count of 3.5 million the virus has taken 250 hundred thousand lives around the world at the end of April.

When we sit back and look at it, was it a catastrophe which appeared in front of us and started threatening us all of a sudden or was it coming for some time.  Let us consider what the renowned columnist Mr. Thomas Friedman suggests.

We have got it out of balance with nature. We have invaded almost all known Ecosystems. That is what we do best. That is what we have been doing across continents. While we have been doing that, we have started targeting forest and engaged in un controlled de forestation at astronomically  unsustainable rates and  building industries around such activities. We did not stop there. Along with that we have killed the apex predator in these ecosystems  and built illegal trade around it. So the Tiger body parts and Rhino horns became actively traded commodities across countries and illegal trade routes, bringing those species very close to extinction.  Literally leaving these ecosystems with no dominant predator and its iconic species. When there is not one to pray what is left is the Rats , Bats and Primates. With no predators these generalized species proliferate in the wild and then spread around coming into close proximity with  humans. When these species comes they come with some dormant viruses and we hunt them down and sell them in wet markets like Wuhan in close proximity to domesticated beef, literally leading to the evolution of the scenario we are in. SARS and MERS happened that way and now COVID, every time the wave becomes bigger than the one before.

That said , The bigger picture is even more scarier. Invasions of the ecosystems , and treating of the mother nature with such greed leads to pandemics. It does not stop there it will also lead to climate change. The pandemic might have a solution in the form of a Vaccine , a treatment or even heard immunity and countries, its communities could chose its response based in one of those solutions. However the reality about climate change is that there is no hear immunity from it . All we get is this non stop pounding of communities with this devastating changes in the conditions we used to live in.

Surely this episode, in the history of modern world should serve as a wake up call to all of us. It cant be disputed either, that the mankind has prospered  and flourished over centuries  and reached every possible inch of the globe and outer space propelled by his superior brain to other species. The resources of mother earth has served mankind well for that cause. It appears to us that man has forgotten that these resources are limited and we cannot dig our heel deeper at our whims. We need to deal this transaction with at most respect and responsibility. Respect it by taking far lesser than it can replenish . We are losing forest at the rate of one hector a minute . We are loosing hundreds of Species every day because of our own actions. These are no signs of such respect from our side and mother earth is loosing its patience. Unpredictable climatic changes are to be watched out for. We need to stop this reckless invasion of our forests and leave habitats un touched, else mother earth will just shrug off this tiny speck, us.